Ricciardo retired by the Bahrain Grand Prix with only a couple laps remaining, reporting his car had switched off completely since he approached the corner.

He had been summoned into the stewards following the race not leaving his steering wheel set up.

But, no further action was taken, because the stewards heard that Ricciardo failed to replace his steering wheel for safety reasons.

After stopping on entrance of Turn 2 with”power unit problems”, his car’s energy recovery system alarm light turned red, signifying that the car was”electrically unsafe”.

Ricciardo was told by the team to close down the engine and the electrical device and”to jump from the car”.

He had been told to not touch the vehicle, which the stewards noticed is”the standard security procedure such circumstances to prevent potential electrocution”.

They stated that Ricciardo believed it would be dangerous to attempt to replace the steering wheel in these circumstances.

Preventing any punishment is very little consolation into the Australian, who’s retired from his initial two grands prix using Renault since shifting from RedBull.

To make things even worse for Renault, Ricciardo’s retirement happened moments after team-mate Nico Hulkenberg had retired at precisely the same corner.


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