Dovizioso held the area for the majority of the racebut was never able to shake off Rossi, who put strain onto the Ducati rider as the grand-prix entered its last stretch.

Rossi left it Turn 7 on the previous lap to get his move, and Dovizioso couldn’t respond, so allowing the Yamaha person to fasten original podium since the past season’s Sachsenring race in July.

“I am very happy for me, for my team and for Yamaha because had been quite a very long time which I really don’t arrive on the podium, with the 2 mistakes by the close of last year,” Rossi said.

“I am really pleased, we had this result. We work well since FridayI ride just like when I was young, I love greatly.

“The race was so great, but I expect you’ll have somewhat more pace than Dovi, but no more, therefore I stay behind but by the end I have a few point at which I had been somewhat faster than him.

“I take to on the previous lap and has been good. Dovi is not able to do his famous cross [cut-back move].”

Dovizioso”Unhappy” to shed second

While Dovizioso was very happy to achieve his initial objective to getting a podium finish in Argentina, he said he was”unhappy” to get rid of second place.

“However, I am not happy in how in which the tyre work throughout the race and I had to remain infront to take care of the tyres.

“At the finish Valentino was competent to study me. I really couldn’t stay behind because I had been struggling, maybe it was not the ideal strategy.

“I am not happy about third party position because the moment was there but we all still need to be happy about the podium.”


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