From Allan Fox: Lightweight (18-0, 14 KOs) says he’s ready for a world title shot following his second round knockout win over Jose Lopez (20-4-1, 14 KOs) past Saturday night on at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, .

The young 20-year-old Garcia made easy work of Lopez in knocking him down in the second circular. Lopez didn’t emerge for the third round because he was too hurt.

When asked after the fight which light weight world champion he would like to fight, Garcia reported he doesn’t care that it is. Right nowthese are the world champions at light-weight:

Vasiliy Lomachenko

Mikey Garcia

Richard Commey

Ryan is probably not prepared to fight any of them. He wants the chance, however it may end in disaster because of him.

After the struggle, Garcia made it evident that he wants to struggle alongside May 4 to the Saul Canelo Alvarez vs. Danny Jacobs card at the Tmobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Garcia would like to function as the chief support for the Canelo-Jacobs fight. haven’t yet decided whether they’ll put Ryan in the co-feature bout or one of the other talented prospects, contenders or champions. Golden Boy has a lot of other fighters that are somewhat further along in their careers right now in contrast to Garcia.

“” I desire to get in there on May 4th,” said to Fighthub. “Should they let me, I’ll take action. If not, it’so fine.

might not be ready for a high visibility co-feature spoton the Canelo vs. Jacobs card. Golden Boy needs somebody that may bring from the fans, and so they need to be capable of taking on the ideal. Garcia mightn’t be prepared to take on the best contenders this early in his career. His competitor from past Saturday night, Jose Lopez, had lately been pumped out by Jonathan Oquendo and had lost out 2 of his last three fights.

“” I don’t understand [that the universe title taken will probably soon be against]. I’m only trying to find the ability. I don’t care that it is. Whoever the winner is, who ’s okay to me. I am going to assess it, and do whatever I have to do in order to beat him,” Garcia stated.

Talking about fighting for a domain and actually doing it are two different things. It’s best if Ryan ‘Kingry’ Garcia discuss any of it without doing it, because he doesn’t appear prepared to combine it using light weight champions Vasiliy Lomachenko, Mikey Garcia or even Richard Commey at this time. Garcia needs more experience prior to his or even rsquo;ll be prepared to accept the lions at the light weight division. There’s wrong with Ryan waiting four or five decades before challenging for a domain. You’ve got to see Garcia as still an amateur now, and he’s hoping to produce the relevant skills and experience to handle the most effective 1 day. But if yells Ryan in with all these fighters that are talented at light weight, it’s likely going to end badly for him. To make certain, Garcia will gain experience from fighting with the ideal right now, however it’ll be awful that the awful kind he chooses he endures and will be likely knocked out.

“I think I’m ready for a domain this year? Hell yes. Defense may be your 1 thing with Eddy we’re working on daily, and that I ’ve seen Canelo take action. You’Id seen just how much he’s improved through the years, also I’m only learning out of the ideal. So, the greater and more I train with my brother [Canelo] right here, the more people ’re planning to have improved ”

The mistakes Garcia made yesterday evening against Jose Lopez are the exact ones he left until he started exercising with Reynoso. Garcia still retreats going right back along with his head in the atmosphere, also he’s still very easy to hit. Lopez had no problems connecting with his PowerShots on the hands of Garcia whenever he let his hands go. Garcia brags about his own punch accuracy, but he says little about how true Lopez was in connecting with his shots last night. Lopez couldn’t miss when he’d throw one of his PowerShots. The single reason Lopez ceased throwing punches is basically because Garcia started nailing him power shots at the second circular, and that shut him down.

“” I don’t need to name him,” Ryan said about Rolly Romero,”” Garcia stated. He didn’t do such a thing. He’d a match game. He’d alright. That’s it, really. He’s going to be more glad if he gets money. He said, ‘’therefore are definitely not going to take $200K. ’ I have money. He don’t understand. I made money outside . I’m damn pretty good each month. It is available in like clock work, therefore that I ’m good. I’ve got other outlets. You just have . So for that reason, you will need this fight. I don’t want $200K, but can I go on it? Of course. I didn’t say I wouldn’t take the fight for 200,000. I said, ‘if I knock him out, Mr. Mayweather, then you have to give me 1 million dollars for only mentioning it to me, after which I knock him out. Aside from that, there’s not any point. Give me 1 million dollars. Thank you,” said.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may not be going to give $1 million when he beats Rolly Romero (8-0, 7 KOs). are probably not going to help make the Garcia vs. Romero fight. There’s too much to lose when they create the fight. Garcia has a huge following on interpersonal networking, plus it might end badly for him when he encounters Romero.

Do what you do from the gym,’” Ryan stated.

” That’s something that is really tough to establish, because there are a great deal of prospects.

“I’m probably the most high prospect in the history of , other than [Mike] Tyson early,” stated. “When there is instagram, then he’d probably have exactly the exact same amount of followers as me,” Ryan stated.


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