By Tim Royner: Unbeaten Scott Fitzgerald (13-0, 9 KOs) pulled off a Little upset in beating 20-16 Olympian Anthony Fowler (9-1, 8 KOs) by a 10 round split decision in junior middleweight action on Saturday night on and Sky Sports at the Echo Arena in , England.

News 2-4 scored the fight for the 27-year-old Fitzgerald.

Moving to the 10th around, it seemed that Fowler was on his way into winning the fight. Although the rounds were close, Fowler did actually did more and deserved the win. But, matters came for Fowler in the last minute of the round after he had been dumped by a enormous left hook by Fitzgerald.

Fowler walked right into a sizable from Fitzgerald. A portion of a moment after, Fitzgerald pinpointed Fowler having a 2nd big left hook that put down him. Together with Fowler badly injured, Fitzgerald chose to keep externally and run out the clock instead of to use and finish him off. It had been inexplicable movement on Fitzgerald’s part, because he had no way of knowing whether he had been before the scorecards or maybe not. He had been supposing he’d done enough to have the victory. It had been a risky proceed Fitzgerald’s part never to try to complete Fowler when he had the right opportunity to do so.

He’ll almost surely be confronting the 28-year-old Fowler in a rematch, since the fight was very interesting from start to finish.

“He’s tough, big, strong man who doesn’t stop coming,” Fitzgerald said concerning the 5’1 1 ” Fowler, who maintained pressing on the full fight nonstop. “I need to build despise [before a fight] because something varies within me. This will definitely kick me on. Does this put me in the world 15? ”

At the ninth round, Fowler landed a big upper cut that hurt Fitzgerald. Fowler then unloaded a barrage of punches on Fitzgerald, but most of those missed. Fowler threw a storm of photos, and a couple landed , however they didn’t have a lot of power in it thanks to Fowler projecting so many shots in a row. While Fowler was attempting to complete Fitzgerald, he had been labeled hard by a huge upper cut from him. That showed that Fitzgerald was dangerous even when he had been hurt. While Fitzgerald was covering up during the onslaught of shots from Fowlerthat he had been still resting and not expending energy. This permitted him to nail Fowler having a shooter that has been nearly too hard because the upper cut he won that hurt him.

“I knew how tough he’s,” Fitzgerald explained. “I had been jealous of him, I couldn’t get myself motivated just as though he would. He went into the Olympics. ”


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