A first podium has rarely been met with such collective disappointment however, for Leclerc, it turned out to be a mere consolation prize for what has to have been a fantasy maiden win.

Even the power unit problems which struck the Ferrari SF90 at the closing stages of the race proved enough to allow a golden chance to pinch an unlikely fated victory, together with Le Hamilton leading team mate .

Up until then, it was a refined drive from Leclerc. Despite a poor escape from the gridhe kept his composure and calmly, however assertively, reeled in race-leader Vettel and on lap six passed the four-time winner across the exterior of one.

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Leclerc subsequently retreated, whilst Vettel had been compelled to attempt to fend off Hamilton across the pit stop phases.

Vettel’s defence failed, and also the other mistake in wheel-to-wheel struggle supposed he spent the closing stages of the race fighting back for a top five spot. It turned out to be a poor outcome for the guy who’d have been in the prime position to capitalise on Leclerc’s reliability problems.

Since Vettel’s crash from the lead of the past year’s , he’s breathed out from podium emptiness at a further four races, including this year’s .

Similar mid-race spins happened in Italy (vs Hamilton), Japan (vs Verstappen) and USA (vs ), the accumulation which means Vettel could now be facing pressure from their own team-mate to validate his stance since the number 1 motorist.

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How can you see the struggle at moving? You think Leclerc could appear as ’s number one?

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari SF90, comes in for a pit stop to replace his front wing

, SF90, comes in for a pit stop to replace his front wing

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Sutton Images


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