Delight Dubai on Friday night and uzbek hero Shakhobidin Zoirov is place to end the wait for his professional introduction.

The 20-16 champion kicks his career off at the positions with expectations because he faces Anthony Holt to the stacked series on ESPN + and iFL TV — live at Emirates club.

As opposed to feel under some pressure, Zoirov welcomes the additional scrutiny that accompanies being labeled like a blue chip prospect.

‘Shakho’ said: “Just as Olympic champion, I feel my role such as this really is important. Expectations are high but that I want to meet most of them and achieve my intentions.

“I always can always look back on my own achievements with pride and enjoyed my time being an amateur nevertheless also the time as come for me to get started making noise inside the game.

“it surely doesn’Regardless of who is across from me because ring Friday or any other moment. I possess the confidence of as an Olympic champion and a belief in my own ability.

“I saw my friend Hurshid Tojibaev produce a his introduction the other night and that I expect to place to a series like this for the fans at Dubai. ”

MTK world wide teammates that were several join to a leading bill zoirov — for example Davey Oliver Joyce and Stephen Tiffney, who struggle for the WBO featherweight title, also Kazakh Sultan Zaurbek Australian Mateo Tapia plus more.

Fans will cheer using Nigerian-born Aliu Bamidele Lasisi bidding for your WBC International title against Majid Al-Naqbi and Larry Abarra, Anahit Aroyan, Ricardo Blandon and Hasibullah Ahmadi also in action several of their personalities.