As revealed by last weekend, F1 teams pushed forward with the concept of a four-session knock out qualifying at the current Strategy Group and F1 Commission meetings.

Key to it becoming ratification is if drivers — and computer simulation investigation that’s now being finished with teams to figure through how a sessions will pan out will have tyres to get right through to the conclusion.

It is understood that Pirelli is reluctant to supply collections free of fee for 2020, and when the opportunity is drivers can go out of rubber, teams will not desire to accept a Q4 switch.

RedBull team boss said early indications were the current allocation of 1-3 places each weekend was probably not enough to work with the Q4 format.

team leader reported if it was approved, that it was essential that the Q4 simulations were done to make sure that there wasn’t any possibility of trouble.

“We have already begun the simulations, therefore it is something we are taking care of,” he explained. “


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