Being literary legend’s son Ronaldinho brings its own expectations, so when Joao Mendes went to your trial he wished to earn a put on talent alone.

The 14-year-old forward didn’t reveal who his famous father was until he had had a successful trial and signed a training contract with the club.

“Although he had been the son of Ronaldinho, Mendes performed a test at the club with no knowledge of kinship,” the club said. “Together with his or her own talent, the younger offender was approved and, only if he had been already in the club, was eventually unveiled the name of the famous daddy”

Amarildo Ribeiro, the club’s director of grass roots football, added:”He is a person that has a good physical size, a top technical quality.

“He is a person who is able to play both as a local player so that as another striker. He is a person that, despite the large size, has rate and finishes nicely.”

World Cup winner Ronaldinho, 3-9, is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, renowned for tricks his creativity and dribbling.

At a livelihood he won the Ballon d’Or at 2005 and surfaced for Paris St Germain, Barcelona and AC Milan.

Mendes is contracted until the day before his birthday at 2025.

“This is a fantasy that one day that I will sign the professional contact with Cruzeiro, play professionally, so make a goal in the crowded Mineirao and devote into the fans” He said.