Though he didn’t receive exactly the finish he hoped for in his very first start with the team in Texas,” Grala is convinced going in the NASCAR Xfinity Series race on Friday night.

He was running at the top and did actually have a late-race strategy going his way at Texas until a late warning changed his aims. After the restart, then his car began pushing and he left contact relegating him to a 18th-place finish.

“Unfortunately I pushed things a touch too hard off of Turn 2 and brushed the walls,” said Grala. “I could have probably averted it, but once you hang out it there late at the race going for this position & rsquo;s a portion of this game.

Grala was one of the fastest drivers all weekend at Texas and capable 12th in his first start with this team. The speed he had away past weekend made the 20-year-old driver joyful.

“I was pleased with the automobile and that I thought our performance up until the episode affirmed my confidence in making the movement.

Grala also believes with one-race along with crew leader Justin Alexander will only help them this week in Richmond.

“Other than the track it’s been a seamless transition,” ” said Grala. “Once I strapped at Texas that I didn’t know what to expect. What was amazing is, I didn’t do anything different also we were fast right away and I did this past year.

The big difference on the track for Grala from the RCR car was what it was like to hurry ahead with the lead bunch of cars the majority of the afternoon.

“The intensity of hurrying at the start from the race is absolutely different that racing back in the pack,” said Grala. “Once a mistake is made by you up-front this mistake is exaggerated more as you have more to reduce from the bunch of cars.

Grala anticipates to have speed this weekend again.

“RCR is really great at Richmond and that I feel my communicating with the team will probably undoubtedly be better that this weekend. Now we have a base of working to build from and get a good finish,” he said.

“The whole team gets me feel at home and that I feel excellent about our chances at Richmond and if I grow in their Chevrolet together with support from HotScream Spicy icecream.

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