Full Speed Ahead

Photographer Sophy Holland gets up close and personal along with Power House Nick Bosa.

“Come at me, bro.” Once I told him to handle my camera, I uttered those words into Nick Bosa to a beach in Florida. Yep, you heard right. I asked Nick Bosa to handle my camera. His very first answer:”You need me to accomplish what?” But I did not desire my camera to be just tackled by him for its pleasure. I needed him to control my camera with all the seriousness he would control a competition in a match. It’s rare to get a viewer or reader to find a athlete in that position. And Bosa went for it. After we demonstrated that degree of confidence he fully committed. And I am so thankful he did.

Everything I Learned While Reporting onto a Really, Really Famous Horse

Contributing writer Anna Peele shares two behind the scenes moments with Game Winner.

Inch. Throughout my visit to Santa Anita, I met with a horse who needs to be tied up so he doesn’t pace in his stall all night and never sleep. If left to her own devices Still another defecates in her food bowl. In comparison to all those Goof Balls, Game-winner gets the posture of Queen Elizabeth.

2. Everyone is scared of PETA. When I phoned and asked him when he was shod what the horse felt, the farrier hung me up and also then became sure that I was a PETA plant.