It ended up being a looong wait for 8-year-old Phillies fan Tyler Barnett — and also the others of us too. So when his agent megadeal that is free was finally signed by , the world was ready.

Once he got off the bus here is a two-minute dental background of Tyler moment.

Tyler sat with his prosthetic eye in a cupand he had been upset about not getting Machado than his attention in a cup. Sports are everything .

TYLER: I’ve really been a Phillies fan for decades; I started after three years ago. He hits a good deal of home runs. My father told me about what teams he maybe went to, if he said he mightn’t be coming into , and that I got scared.

LINDSEY: When my partner, Bill, texted me that we have Harper, I knew Tyler will be ecstatic. Bill was at the office, so that I wanted him to be able to see Tyler’s reaction.

TYLER: When my mom said , I didn’t believe her. Then I started crying and had been very happy.

LINDSEY: My husband tweeted that the video on March 1, and within 24 hours that had contacted us it just happened so quickly.

A good deal of people tagged me . It was humorous — I thought it was amazing that he had been so excited.

BONNIE CLARK,” PHILLIES PR: I had been at a Conference with John Middleton [chief owner of this Phillies], and I showed the movie . Subsequently John called me and said,”Let’s use it from the press conference.”

LINDSEY: somebody out of messaged my husband and said,”We would love to split the video at the press conference and give you tickets to Opening Day.” We guessed Tyler would be a part of a buff reaction montage — we didn’t realize Tyler’s video was opening the press conference with Harper .

HARPER: I believe [it went viral] because of surprised he had been and how real the reaction was. He had been a great illustration of Phillies fans were feeling at the time.

TYLER: I really couldn’t feel it. My teacher showed the video As soon as I got to school. And I felt very famous.

* See Tyler’s preferred team/player on April 1-5 (7 p.m. ET, ) once trip Philly.


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