Just how many people can say that they have their initial global?

And of these – if there aren’t any – that they were spotted while playing a suit Sir Richard Branson’s Caribbean holiday island of Mosquito?

A plumber in Ipswich, martin Smith, could be your only one.

After playing in that charity game, he had been thrust into the British Virgin Islands (BVI) squad for their Concacaf Nations League qualifiers contrary to Bonaire and the Turks and Caicos Islands a month at Anguilla.

Selected as reserve goalkeeper in those games he is yet to secure a cap, however if he did it’d make him the most player on the planet.

“I enjoyed playing however hadn’t played 15 or twenty years,” Smith told BBC Sport.

“There were players there that played the BVI national club and also a week earlier before this first game in Anguilla I had a call from the top trainer.

“One of those English-based goalkeepers that flies in to play to that BVI had broken his shoulder and he even also inquired if I would be thinking about being back-up goalkeeper and maybe do a little coaching.

“It took me all of about 12 seconds to say yes,” added Smith, who played at a nice standard of non-league football in his native Suffolk.

The British Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory, so people living there are classed as British taxpayers and a person having a passport qualify to play them – provided they meet residency requirements.

British Virgin Islands
A British Overseas land, the Queen is head of state and symbolized with a Governor
The population of 31,719 select a 13-member Legislative Council each four years
The 50 islands cover a Place of 59 square miles (153 square km), with most people living on the Primary island of Tortola
BVI was seen as a tax haven and also balances based there have been uncovered Through the Panama Papers leak in April 20-16

Life away from the UK has always appealed to Smith – he did ski seasons, and was employed like a holiday rep in places such as Majorca and Tenerife.

He moved into the Bahamas to work with his cousin five years before, before getting a project two or three years after as the plumbing supervisor on Branson’s exclusive island at which former US president Barack Obama has spent time on holiday.

“I’m still pinching myself now that I had been associated with an global football team,”” he states.

“The week at Anguilla was an eyeopener. We got police escorts into the games, we had stands high in people, and I had friends back in the UK that watched it being .

“It had been quite bizarre whenever we played the Turks and Caicos as we chased our national anthem, God Save the Queen, they then sung theirs also it had been God Save the Queen as well!”

Second and Then George Weah?

If Smith were to play with, only former World Player of the Year George Weah are an old full international – which he played Nigeria last September aged 51 years and 345 days.

Smith said his first day’s training using all the BVI group was an eye opener because he chased men more than 2 decades his junior along the Caribbean sands.

“They state goalkeepers don’t have to be matched, and that has been a blessed thing because once I strove to keep up with those guys on the shore for the first day, a day later was a serious debilitating 2-4 hours for me,” he joked.

But that has not ceased Smith eyeing a chance to stay involved in some capacity when they face Bonaire and the Bahamas at Group C of this 3rd grade of the Concacaf Nations League starting in September.

“They are very winnable games,” he states.

“When the different young goal keeper’s shoulder is mended I’ll be seeing if they mightn’t mind me still being the global goalkeeper trainer and be back-up.”


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