Marcos Rosales filed a lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that the commission assigned him to a fight this past year in what type of the fighters was positive, each the complaint by MMA Fighting obtained. The fight in question, which occurred at a Glory tarot card, was “particularly damn,” the complaint read.

Rosales’ wife Rosemarie is a co-plaintiff. The Rosaleses are asserting breach of negligence and compulsory duty in the suit. The complaint doesn’t state.

The headlines of Rosales’ claims was first published last October by Fight Opinion.

After the complaint, in the days following the Glory card, Rosales had intercourse with his wife. At the time, Rosales believed he might have also exposed his wife based on the complaint.

“Mr. Rosales was shocked and excited to learn that he had been confronted with HIV, also that he had exposed his own wife also,” that the complaint reads. “Mr. Rosales advised Ms. Rosales, who was extremely upset by the news headlines. The bout turned into the one. ”

Commissions should test fighters for disorder as being a condition of licensing them. Foster declined comment when contacted Friday by MMA Fighting.

“Plaintiffs suffered emotional distress that they waited for evaluation success,” the complaint reads. “The two continue to suffer, and suffered , mental pain and anguish from their injuries, and also have lost and will continue to lose enjoyment of life. Consortium was lost by both . The harms are ongoing and to a degree not ascertained’s effects are permanent and stationary. ”