The native of Donostia, Spain, held off a spirited challenge from Stienes Longin and defending series winner Alon Day to pick his record-setting 21st series triumph in his team’s inaugural string launch.

The Spaniard started from pole position at the 18-lap event held the lead from the beginning of the race. Longin was able to pass Day early, moving from fourth to second. The 3 drivers put a tough threeway battle for the lead that continued most of the race.

“Due to the Racing Engineering team for giving me such a fantastic car. Stienes and Alon return straight back into my own back bumper, although From the beginning we were more faster than everybody else.

“Stienes was much faster than me pace dropped off. I am quite delighted also for the fifth period as well as to triumph within Valencia.

Longin was also happy for its second-place run.

“I was nice . I am aware he’s a overtaker and that is why I was passed by him back again. He started to fight therefore I managed to grab him and also close the gap.

For the defending series champion, he felt his car was not quite fast enough to compete for the triumph.

“Understanding the new tires this season will probably be an significant part the tournament, therefore that I ’m prepared to strike back tomorrow.

Lucas Lasserre was Nicolo Rocca was and won the Junior Trophy in their own NWES come back.

Completing the top 10 were Alex Sedgwick, Loris Hezemans, Frederic Gabillon, Christophe Bouchut and Alexander Graff.

Former Formula 1 winner Jacques Villeneuve left his Euro introduction starting 16th and finishing 11th while Peak Mexico Series Champion Ruben Garcia Jr. finished 15th, and former Series Champion Bobby Labonte came home at 18th location.

The Whelen Euro Series E-lite Inch will probably be back at actions on Sunday at the Popular Circuit Ricardo Tormo. The race will start at 1:55 pm CEST. All races will be staged live in,, both the Euro Youtube channel and face book page,

After leader Andre Castro along with Gander Outdoors driver Myatt Snider met up on the last lap racing to get its lead, Giorgio Maggi gained together with the victory in the Elite 2 division race.

The pair of first-year American drivers fought to get the lead after battling in advance the entire race when Snider forced his move at the final turn of the race to score a triumph in his first show launch.

The contact sent both drivers spinning and opening the doorway for Maggi to maneuver from third and evaluate the triumph.

“I’m quite delighted to win in my own Euro introduction in Valencia,” said the 21-year-old race driver, who also won the Rookie Trophy. “everything tried to grab those 2 guys before me, but in the end my aim was to conserve a bit of tires.

“I managed to stay away from crashing into them and found the win. Many thanks to Hendriks Motorsport for giving me such a wonderful racecar.

Vittorio Ghirelli started 12th and came home next before Martin Doubek who finished third to offer a second podium finish to Hendriks Motorsport. Massimiliano Lanza was with native Advait Deodhar round out the top .