Talking with press at the Grand Prix of the Americas,” Rossi was informed that Honda also ran an aerodynamic attachment on its own swing-arm at FP2 in COTA, which he charmingly referred to as “the spoon! ”

When asked when he’d like to find that a similar part homologated for his Yamaha m 1 , Rossi responded: “For me personally it’s something that might be quite crucial for all of us. The tyre to possess just a less temperature, like Ducati said a little extra cold would be helped by it. And that would be useful for your race.

“I push Yamaha to possess some thing similar. Already we now have this to the wet. I hope that we are able to try. I believe that it ’s a little thing, however I will think it’ll be quite a help. I expect [to have it] because we must keep to get the job done. ”

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Rossi emphasized the demand to improve its own development, to counter the profits that Honda and Ducati have made in prior seasons.

“In the very last decades, Yamaha started well at the start of the summer season, also Honda and Ducati improved and we don’t,” said Rossi. “By this viewpoint, we need certainly to try to improveevaluation by test during this season. ”

So far in 20-19, Rossi has been encouraged with the pace of the bike. Fifth set at the Qatar season opener was followed closely with his runnerup spot in Argentina last time out, and he had been satisfied with his one-lap pace in Austin too.

He explained: &ldquoWe work we work in the ideal direction. The work is long, although we have a group of people and engineers for this year. So we need the time, period was lost by us in the past couple of decades. ”

Speaking in particular, he added: “The bike however in several other areas we change. We know the engine is close. We need to work in the corners and try to [benefit from our ] strong things. ”

Additional coverage by Gustavo Roche