Ahthe memories of playing. The grumbling in your knees talk off the ball, the trips that are cynical, the elbows.

Ryan Fraser was 16 yrs old when he broke into the Aberdeen first team in the autumn 2010, and the thought of the times still bring a grin to his face, standing on the face of the pitch at the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth where the morning paper is speculating to the summertime in a row regarding the grave implications of his potential move to Arsenal in the summer.

That is where we are at with Fraser – an extremely sought-after player who’s in the last season of his contract. Premier League goals this season than Dele Alli and Mesut Ozil. More Premierleague aids than Christian Eriksen and anyone bar Eden Hazard. Sell him and Bournemouth produce a great deal of money – thus, too, in case his admiration is backed up by Unai Emery using a solid bidding Aberdeen, who can get a sizeable piece of the actions.

Fraser says he’s honoured to be linked with such a bar but he’s trying to forget about it for the time being. The discussion surfaced two or three days before Bournemouth played with Leicester (a 2-0 defeat) and lasted in to the week end of their last game (a 3-1 loss to Burnley).

“Possibly it hasn’t helped,” he says. “Subconsciously, you could think about it. I am just attempting to begin my own work out. That is said by every player. A good thing I can do is play well.

“that I will need to contact scoring, winning and helping after which what’ll be, will be. I love it here. It’s not just the football club, the beach, however also the director the town. I stated that later football I am going to live down . It’s special.”

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‘I got kicked a great deal at Aberdeen’

At 25, his peak ages, Fraser is going to go into. The simple fact that he is being linked with a few of those giants of the English game is testament to his mentality along with his talent, an illustration of their very long road he’s worked into football since his days.

“I was only a youngster at Aberdeen,” he smiles. “Every time that I got the ball, it did not matter where I was, I just wanted to take people on.

“I got kicked a lot. I remember a couple of matches where the cards were flying about anyplace. Inverness away – [Owain] Tudur Jones kicked me knee-high. I done two sticks in the air and he got sent off. Richie Foran, from the . The ball was not even close me. He could have sent off.

“There clearly was a Hibs guy, I actually don’t understand who it was. He could have gone. There certainly are a couple more. Maybe it was because I was young, therefore direct along with my centre of gravity was low. I suppose this was a compliment that we were kicking me”

Fraser says he is going to watch the semifinal with Celtic of Aberdeen on Sunday. Some times it’s difficult to find the matches back on the coast but there’s a way, where there’s a will and he will manage it. He’s still tight with some captain Graeme Shinnie in particular, of the boys. They’ve been pals since long ago again.

“If we were younger he used to call home a handful streets down from me personally. We text each other most days. We play with Fortnite together some times. He is going to be considered a loss against Celtic. It’s a shamethat. I give Aberdeen a chance. Their form from Glasgow is good. They’ve got nothing to lose”

IE]>Ryan Fraser made 22 appearances for Aberdeen before moving south