Albon was necessary to create a start that was pit lane after a crash on Saturday afternoon forced the team to construct up the spare chassis.

As opposed to choose a plan and long stint, Albon was given a couple of fresh palate for its start by STR.

He was able todo 1-9 laps before turning into the tyre for its jog to the flag, then subsequently staying ahead of drivers that stopped.

It was his second consecutive top-10 finish, also made him the ‘Driver of your day ’ award, hunted by F1 fans.

“I’m satisfied with his operation and this particular race was driven by him. It was a race that is perfect, without any episodes, and also his manoeuvres during the race were rather good.

“It was a well-deserved point because he revealed a great performance with the auto. He was very fast on Saturday at FP3 and then he came off the trail. ”

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Tost said there was no point in Albon waiting for the race to come to him from a start that was pit-lane.

“I thought ‘be competitive’. Beginning the pitlane, what would you really want to do? The plan was to be competitive supposed to get started with the tyre, and also to overtake.

“We had two possibilities from the plan side. Therefore we changed to a one stop, but the soft tyre worked although we proposed a plan with him.

Along with a brand new chassis and gearbox, Albon took a power unit that was fresh to its race, without any additional penalty, as he was in the pitlane. has delivered the PU from the crash back to Japan for investigation, alongside the engine that arrived of Daniil Kvyat’s car on Friday after the Russian had any difficulties.

It’s not known if some elements will probably be returned into the pool for future usage. “We shall see, this is an option from ,” said Tost. “Both engines have gone to Sakura, and we’ll watch for news. ”

Tost is confident that there is more to emerge especially in qualifying.

“I presume we’ve a competitive package. We’re at the things in all three races, and also we get it together.

“The potential from the vehicle is clear, the drivers are doing an excellent project, the team is still improving, and therefore I hope we’ll score more things on the next races. ”


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