ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — You simply may have to excuse Joe Flacco right now, because in the event you listen closely, tucked somewhere in the serene demeanor is a guy staring down a possible duplicate of history.

The Broncos delivered a fourth-round pick to the Baltimore Ravens earlier this off season to acquire Flacco following the one-piece tion of event Keenum didn’t go and the team had hoped in a 6-10 collapse. Flacco is now to be the quarterback to start a match since retired after the 2015 season.

And the biggest reason the Broncos were able to exchange a middle-round draft pick for a quarterback who has begun 178 matches, play offs contained, and been a Super Bowl MVP, is really because the Ravens selected a quarterback — Lamar Jackson — with the final selection in the first round of last year’s draft. Flacco got hurt, Jackson went at the lineup, then Flacco got healthy and Jackson remained from the lineup and also helped win the AFC North.

But the Broncos, for its second year in a row do not have and hold a selection. Theyrsquo;t swung and missed Paxton Lynch, sent out Trevor Siemian after he overcome Lynch out two for the starting job, briefly tried a second stint using Brock Osweiler and sent Keenum on his way after a season.

“I don’t care not or should they require a quarterback, whether it’s [.] 10 or what not. The one thing I care about is, like I saidI want this club to be as good as it can with me quarterback,” Flacco stated. “So if we feel like a team, within an organization, we are able to increase value to all of us with the 10th choice, afterward I’m for obtaining a guy who can bring value to this team together with me personally since the understood quarterback.”

“It’s my job — the first thing that I want to do would be to everyone else with this particular football team, the guys that play this area, that I can play and that I will be their quarterback,” Flacco stated. “Since then such a thing is achievable. Should they believe that I’m the guy — I think that I’m the guy — when they start to feel that I’m the guy, who ’s once your leadership could eliminate as well as your team can eliminate… that I just have to keep my thoughts down and play football, and also those things will take place.”