Albon from 2012 dropped but were able to extract the exact Anglo-Thai out of a Nissan FormulaE contract last year therefore he could be placed by it with its team to get 20-19 in F1. 

Albon scored his first points in Bahrain but suffered a big crash in final clinic in China that forced him to miss qualifying. 

race motorist Russell and protege said: “Alex does a terrific job right now.  Everybody is aware of the pressure found upon juniors therefore that you understand the reason why they are whenever they set foot in the vehicle. 

Albon brushed off his crash from China, where he proceeded on to complete 10th despite needing to start from the pit lane, saying that errors such because his accident, having had a minor injury in clinic in that broke his front wing, even as “inevitable” as a beginner.

Those championship successes came to the growing season, which Russell admitted were managed from than he’d expected. 

“When I’m that is not performing won’t keep me . 

“After I opened the summer season in Bahrain a year ago in F2 plus it turned out to be a poor weekend, opened the season in in GP3 it turned out to be a poor weekend, the response out of Toto [Wolff] was, ‘Don’t even worry about it, it’s first race, it’s long season, make sure you do better the next time’.  I was hoping a bollocking when I walked right into his office.

“” I will ’t speak to them [RedBull ]it is, but ’s taking a look at the history of how they do things. ”

Additional reporting by Edd Straw and Oleg Karpov

George Russell, ART Grand Prix and Alexander Albon, DAMS

George Russell, ART Grand Prix and Alexander Albon, DAMS

Photo by: Formula 2


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