Binotto was an engine engineer at Schumacher Sr’s first test by the end of 1995 with Ferrari, also worked throughout his Maranello career along side the F1 champion.

He’s had a chance to watch Mick up close as the FIA F3 champion became a part of their Ferrari Driver Academy.

Earlier that month schumacher tested for the team to get its first time in Bahrain, also through FDA he also had per day with Alfa Romeo.

“The very first time that I watched him in Maranello when he came back, I looked , also that I didn’t think he & rsquo; s really looking like Michael, & rdquo, after years; said Binotto.

“But the way he is behaving is similar, and also the way he the way he is interested in the car, talking with technicians. He was at the workshop speaking together with mechanisms although In Maranello we looked after him. And that I think ’s a bit like his father. ”

Schumacher was second-fastest supporting the Red Bull of Max Verstappen on the afternoon when he raced for Ferrari, also said after the test that he was positively surprised by his performance.

Binotto insisted that that the Bahrain test was an opportunity for Schumacher for accustomed to f 1, and that the goal was to judge his potential.

“I believe it is very hard, first as the elements condition were very bad also because by the end I think the aim wasn’t necessarily to assess the performance To assess the performance.

“It was his first afternoon in a F1 car, more crucial because of him personally still the training period, daybyday, he’s confronting an entirely new challenge in his season. And that I guess the thing that was certainly positive may be the way he approached the exercise, the way he approached the afternoon of examining, never pushing to the limit, attempting to improve run-by-run, learning the car, learning the team.

“And that I think in that respect so well focused, concentrated, and tried to complete the appropriate job also to understand. And that I think that’s most of which you expect on such a day. ”

Mick Schumacher, Ferrari, pitboard

Mick Schumacher, Ferrari, pitboard

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Sutton Images