The final phase of 2019 IHF Men’s Super Globe qualifications will soon be underway, starting with the North American and the Caribbean qualifier to be held in the USA from 9 to 12 May and the South and Central American qualification event, which is staged from 22 to 26 May in Taubate, Brazil.


Today, the teams participating in the South and Central American qualification finally got to know their opponents in their respective groups as the draw for the event was conducted at the IHF Head Office in Basle, Switzerland.


After the teams from pots 4 to 2 had been drawn in their groups, HC Taubate, as hosts, had the right to choose their group. As they decided to take on UNLU, BM Ovalle and Colegio Alemania in group A, Villa Ballester was drawn in group B together with Pinheiros, Deportivo Luterno and Scuola Italiana




Group A

HC Taubate (BRA)


BM Ovalle (CHI)

Colegio Alemania (URU)


Group B

Villa Ballester (ARG)

Pinheiros (BRA)

Deportivo Luterno (CHI)

Scuola Italiana (URU)


The match schedule is now known as well, with three days of preliminary games being followed by the semi-finals and the 5-8 placement round. On the final day, placement matches for all positions will be played.



All times local


Wednesday 22 May

1       14:00            UNLU vs Colegio Alemán

2       16:00            Ballester vs Deportivo Luterno

3       18:00            Pinheiros vs Scuola Italiana

4       20:00            Taubate vs BM Ovalle


Thursday 23 May

5       14:00            BM Ovalle vs UNLU

6       16:00            Scuola Italiana vs Ballester

7       18:00            Deportivo Luterno vs Pinheiros

8       20:00            Colegio Alemán vs Taubate


Friday 24 May

9       14:00            BM Ovalle vs Colegio Alemán

10     16:00            Deportivo Luterno vs Scuola Italiana

11     18:00            Taubate vs UNLU

12     20:00            Ballester vs Pinheiros


Saturday 25 May

13     14:00            5-8: 3.A vs 4.B

14     16:00            5-8: 4.A vs 3.B

15     18:00            Semi-final: 1.A-2.B

16     20:00            Semi-final: 2.A-1.B


Sunday 26 May

17     10:00            7/8: Loser Match 13 vs Loser Match 14

18     12:00            5/6: Winner Match 13 vs Winner Match 14

19     14:00            3/4: Loser Match 15 vs Loser Match 16

20     16:00            1/2: Winner Match 15 vs Winner Match 16


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