Liam McGeary had hoped to exact a measure of revenge on Phil Davis at Bellator 220 on Saturday night in San Jose, Calif. Instead, the result ended being much worse than the first time.

Davis broke McGeary’s jaw in the second fight.

Admittedly worrying too much about Davis’ takedowns early in the fight, McGeary got cracked across the jaw in the second round. That’s not simply saying he took a hard shot, Davis actually fractured McGeary’s jaw.

McGeary soldiered on, but his demise came at 4:11 of round 3. It marked two defeats at the hands of the former Bellator light heavyweight champion.

“Ugh… the jaw cracked in the second round and the tooth went in the 3rd. Soon as that arm came round and touched my jaw that was enough for me guys!! That hurt like a mutha f—- and you know I can take some s–t too!!! F— it man, I was too worried about the takedowns in the first. I was hesitant,” McGeary said in an Instagram post.

“S— you took me down in the 3rd and I got right back the f— up! I’ve stepped my game up man, wrestlers don’t bother me anymore…. just the bloody dentist hahah.

“Congrats Phil, good s— mate, enjoyed throwing down with you man. I’ll see you in the bar for a beer when I get done here.”

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(Click the right hand arrow to see the x-ray of McGeary’s fractured jaw.)


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