The referees got two no-calls correct in the final seconds of the Golden State Warriors‘ 104-100 Game 1 victory over the Houston Rockets Sunday, according to a review by the league.

But three calls that were deemed incorrect that went against the Rockets will only increase the furor from Houston, especially because the league ruled Stephen Curry should’ve fouled out with 1:10 left. Curry instead stayed in the game and hit a crucial 3-pointer with 24 seconds left.

The league’s official last-two-minute report stated Curry got away with a personal foul on James Harden in a play that ended with a turnover, with the Rockets down 100-95 when Harden stepped out of bounds after making contact with Curry.

The Rockets have been frustrated with officiating against the Warriors over the last two seasons and late Sunday leaked a detailed report on a litany of missed calls that the team had filed to the league office.

The officials did get it right on a Harden 3-pointer with 10 seconds left that could have tied the game. He missed after Draymond Green challenged the shot, and though Harden wanted a call for some contact, the report deemed the play to be a correct no-call.

Chris Paul secured the rebound but lost possession in a collision with Klay Thompson, which the league also determined to be a correct no-call. Paul was incensed by not getting the whistle and was ejected for “aggressively approaching and making contact with a referee,” according to the league.

However, the league determined that Houston should’ve retained possession and gotten free throws because Curry fouled Eric Gordon as he tried to get possession of the ball after Paul fumbled it with 5.2 seconds left. That also would’ve been Curry’s sixth foul.

Like the earlier Curry call, that would’ve been a game-changing whistle.

The league also said officials missed a Thompson travel with 51 seconds left. He missed a jumper a moment later and the Rockets secured the rebound, effectively deeming that call unimportant.


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