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The Wysh List publishes every Friday. Get caught up on all the latest goings-on around the hockey world, including an egregious Jersey Foul in San Jose.

It’s May and obviously the Philadelphia Flyers have absolutely nothing to do, so our giant orange fuzzball is courting business for the summer:

Who hiring? – Gritty (@GrittyNHL) May 8, 2019

So, we’ve learned that:

1. Gritty was incarcerated, which is delightfully on-brand for the Flyers.
2. He went to Penn State, of course.
3. Only Gritty can get away with the image under the résumé bit.

From San Jose:

We just gonna ignore this? – Cameron (@PavsToHertl) May 7, 2019

According to one commenter, this Sharks fan has all the players that wore No. 9 besides Milan Michalek listed on this sweater. And while any jersey that features Brian Lawton, Bernie Nicholls, Adam Graves and Dainius Zubrus can’t be all bad, it’s still very much a Foul.

Emily Kaplan and I previewed both Conference final matchups (4:30). ESPN NHL prospect guru Chris Peters explained the unique way this Carolina Hurricanes roster was built, and gave us a quick look at the top 5 draft prospects (14:56). To get a different perspective on life in pro hockey, we speak with Patrick Maroon‘s fiancé, Francesca Vangel (35:26). You can stream it here, or grab it on iTunes here.

“In a mind-boggling turn of events on Wednesday, someone working at a Boston sports radio station criticized the accent of a professional hockey writer from North Carolina.”

On women’s hockey players and the glass ceiling.

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