Speculation that this year’s race at Barcelona could be the last was fuelled when it emerged that F1 owner Liberty Media were lining up the Dutch Grand Prix to start the European season.

But although nothing has been agreed between F1 bosses and the Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya regarding a contract extension, the track’s boss remains hopeful that things can get sorted as he lays out a summer deadline to sort things.

Vicens Aguilera told Motorsport.com. “We are in the process of renewing our contract and we still have time to discuss it.

“It was a coincidence that the grand prix has taken place while we are in this process, so after the weekend we will continue our talks about the future of the race. It’s not easy to put everything together but we are in the process.

“We have to use the time we have. We don’t have a deadline, but I know that we can not arrive to the summer without a solution.

“If we have to use ‘extra time’ we will do it if we get the deal. The goal is to have a reasonable agreement for both parties. If we are smart enough we will find a solution.”

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Although the Spanish GP has traditionally been the start of the European season, Aguilera said that changing its place on the calendar would only be something he thinks about once a deal is across the line.

“First we have to finish the deal for the agreement, which is the most important thing,” he explained. “Then we have to discuss the date.

“This is a second level discussion: first and most important is to arrange the deal. I wish I can have this date discussion after signing the new agreement. If we have to move the date, then let’s see what happens. We have one tradition with the date in May but it’s not a concern to us.”