The street race in the Principality will mark the first appearance of the C5 compound, the softest in Pirelli’s 2019 range, in a grand prix weekend.

With tyre wear minimal in , and qualifying being more important than at any other venue in the calendar, teams have largely forsaken the harder C3 and C4 tyres in favour of the C5.

Red Bull pair and , as well as drivers Charles Leclerc and , will each have 11 sets of the soft available in Monte Carlo, leaving them with just a single set of the medium C4 and the hard C3.

The two teams are the only ones on the grid to make such an extreme selection, with most outfits – including the championship-leading team – selecting 10 sets of softs.

For pair Valtteri Bottas and , this will provide them with an additional set of the medium instead.

and have selected the fewest number of soft-tyre sets on the grid at nine for each of their drivers, with opting for a field-high three sets of the medium.

and are the only outfits to split selection between their drivers.

Monaco GP tyre selections

GP tyre selections

Photo by: Pirelli