Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock told TMZ on Wednesday that Joe Flacco “has been great to me” when asked to comment about Flacco’s comments earlier this week that it wasn’t his job to mentor the rookie.

Lock, who talked to TMZ after arriving at Los Angeles International Airport, didn’t want to specifically address Flacco’s comment but said he’s learning from his teammate.

“He’s taught me a lot so far,” Lock told TMZ. “He’s dealing with trying to win football games, I’m dealing with trying to learn. We’re in the same quarterback room. He’s been great to me.”

Flacco said earlier this week that he’s “not worried about developing guys or any of that. That is what it is. I hope he does it well. I don’t look at that as my job. My job is to go win football games for this football team.”

9News in Denver reported that Broncos president of football operations/general manager John Elway liked that Flacco was more focused on winning than tutoring Lock.

Lock also told TMZ that the airport shuttle he was riding in with fellow Broncos rookie Noah Fant was in an accident but he said they both were fine.

“We’ve taken worse hits,” he joked to TMZ.