As part of the preparation for the 13th IHF Super Globe, which will take place in Dammam (S Arabia) in August 2019, representatives of the International Federation (IHF) – Mr. Marco Tosi Brandi (Italy) and Member of IHF Commission of Organising and Competition (COC) Mr. Alaa El-Sayed (Egypt) – visited S Arabia.

IHF representatives visited the facilities that will be used during the event – sports halls and hotels for teams and officials. They also discussed all key issues regarding the preparations and organization of the Super Globe.

On the part of the S Arabian Federation (SAHF), the meetings were attended by the SAHF Secretary General Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Johar and Mohammed Al-Dakhil.

13th IHF Super Globe will be held in August 2019 in Dammam (S Arabia). The event will feature 8 clubs teams from around the world to battle for the trophy.

Photos: Bashir Al-Saeed / S Arabian Federation

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