The Thai driver had already been consigned to the back of the grid, in company with , as a consequence of penalties incurred yesterday.

For FP1 Albon took the latest Spec 3 PU, which entailed a new V6, turbo, MGU-H and MGU-K. Today he took new Spec 3 examples of each of those, plus a new control electronics.

The way the system works the V6 and MGU-K that he used yesterday cannot stay in the pool and be used again without penalty, because they contributed to penalties this weekend. That means both items had a useful life of just two practice sessions.

However, the Friday turbo and MGU-H can be retained in the pool and used again, because they did not contribute to penalties.

A spokesman told that the latest change was scheduled and that the point was to put the extra turbo and MGU-H in the pool for Albon, without further penalty.

team boss downplayed the suggestion that the double change was an unusual move.

“What’s usual in F1, that makes it exciting!,” he told “There are enough engines here and is testing so it’s fine.”

Asked if the newest engine was an improvement, he added: “It’s for sure better, othere we would not change the engine. It was scheduled, as we will schedule in Spa and another change.”


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