Action will be taken to punish fans involved in “scuffles” at the World Cup match between Pakistan and Afghanistan at Headingley, says the International Council.

Videos on social media showed fans clashing outside the ground and a group trying to break through the gates between the main road and the ground in Leeds.

Fans were also seen jumping over the fence that surrounds the ground and gaining access to the concourse behind the Western Terrace.

An ICC spokesperson said they were aware of “some scuffles among a minority of fans”.

It was also reported that there were “physical clashes” in the stands, which led to some being evicted from the stadium.

“We are currently working with the venue security team and local police force to ensure there are no further incidents,” the spokesperson added.

“We do not condone this type of behaviour, and will take appropriate action against any anti-social behaviour that spoils the enjoyment for the majority of fans.”

West Yorkshire Police police said they were called to “reports of some trouble outside the ground linked to people trying to get in”.

“Officers attended to disperse the group without any issues and remained on patrol in the area,” a statement added.


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