By Cam Scott: Heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker (26-2-0) from New Zealand put on an impressive performance against Alex Leapai (32-8-4) from in Rhode Island last night. Parker demonstrated why he was a former WBO Heavyweight Champion, demonstrating speed and power.

The young Parker (27 years old) looked very sharp from the start of Round 1, landing shots at will against the very durable Leapai. Parker looked surprised at how easy he was able to land shots on Leapai, and looked like he was expecting an early knock out. Leapai spent the entire fight hiding behind his gloves, blocking shots against the heavy hitting Parker, only attempting wild shots to hit Parker in return. Several wild shots caught Parker cleanly on the chin, with Parker taking the shots extremely well, but immediately returning heavy hands with interest.

The Ref stopped the fight in the 10th Round after a battering of 6 unanswered shots to the head from Parker. The decision to stop was a good one, as the fight was not competitive and could easily have done serious harm to Leapai..

The Compubox stats show Parker landing 198 shots, vs Leapai’s 42 shots, an almost 5:1 ratio.

The last time Leapai fought anyone of the level of Parker was when he fought Wladimir Klitschko in 2014. Klitschko was in his prime, and knocked Leapai out in the 5th Round.

There were many similarities in the way Parker and Klitschko fought Leapai. With both fighters showing similar style and speed to land shots against Leapai.

Parker showcased very fast hand speed, accuracy with his shots and an ability to take several very big shots from the lethargic Leapai.

With a performance like this, the thought of Parker facing Ruiz Jnr or Joshua again is a very exciting proposition.

Parker remains the only fighter to have beaten Ruiz Jnr in a professional Heavyweight match.


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