The Oakland Raiders — they of coach Jon Gruden, newly acquired receiver Antonio Brown, perpetually embroiled linebacker Vontaze Burfict and lots of losing records — are the subjects of this year’s season of “Hard Knocks” (premiering Aug. 6 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO). Don’t know what to expect? Here’s a (slightly deconstructed) Bingo card to keep track of at home.

Column “B”

  1. Antonio Brown arrives at camp with magenta sideburns.

  2. Clemson grad Hunter Renfrow seen Googling “how to get more NCAA eligibility.”

  3. Coach Jon Gruden exclaims, “This guy can play!” while watching tape.

  4. Sebastian Janikowski comes out of retirement; Gruden immediately cuts kicker Daniel Carlson.

  5. O-line coach Tom Cable caught shrugging after his unit gives up another sack.

Column “I”

  1. Las Vegas superfan Wayne Newton cameo; nobody on screen recognizes him.

  2. Footage of a couple of round fellas looking distraught in the Black Hole superfan section.

  3. Raiders’ 2016 season referred to as “promising.”

  4. Narrator uses the term “Gruden Grinder” to describe RB Doug Martin, LB Tahir Whitehead or TE Derek Carrier.

  5. “As Mr. [Al] Davis always used to say …”

Column “N”

  1. Pass play called on fourth-and-1. (See below.)

  2. QB Derek Carr intentionally grounds a pass attempt on fourth-and-1. (See above!)

  3. FREE SQUARE (Backup QB Nathan Peterman throws an interception.)

  4. Joint practice with the Rams is cut off early when Sean McVay invokes mercy rule.

  5. Divisions form over long-snapper position battle between Trent Sieg and Andrew DePaola.

Column “G”

  1. GM Mike Mayock is overruled on a decision, stares longingly at NFL Network draft analysis on a nearby screen.

  2. Narrator says the words “RingCentral Coliseum.” (Wait, that’s what it’s called now?)

  3. Chucky doll appears on screen-but conspicuously never at the same time as Gruden.

  4. Actual footage of owner Mark Davis getting a bowl cut.

  5. Antonio Brown broadcasts on Facebook Live from the locker room; Derek Carr seen being chewed out in the background.

Column “O”

  1. Coach Jon Gruden defends the Khalil Mack trade.

  2. Vontaze Burfict lays down a questionable hit in a preseason game.

  3. Vontaze Burfict gets call from league office, fined $25,000 for said questionable hit.

  4. Vontaze Burfict subtweets the NFL with a single thinking face emoji after being fined.

  5. Cameras catch owner Mark Davis chowing down on some PF Chang’s.