The German manufacturer will make its 200th start as a works team at its home race at Hockenheim.

also plans to honour the 125th anniversary of the 1894 Paris-Rouen event, widely considered to be the world’s first motor race, with a special livery.

It shared the first look of its commemorative design on the official F1 Twitter account, with the usual / colours on the side of the car in front of the cockpit interrupted by a white section bearing the name in cursive font.

-Benz’s original grand prix cars were traditionally painted white back when such cars were entered in the colours of their country.

“This year’s race is a very special event: we’re the title sponsor and the race will mark the 200th start for in Formula 1,” said team boss .

“We will also celebrate a remarkable anniversary in Hockenheim: 125 years of motorsport.

“In 1894, the world’s first car race was held from Paris to Rouen and the winning machine had at its heart an engine manufactured to the design of Gottlieb Daimler.

“It was the start of a great motorsport tradition that continues to this day and we are incredibly proud to write the next chapter in this legacy. We will run a commemorative livery to pay tribute to our heritage.”

’ official pre-race preview documented the significance of the 1894 race and also the part the event plays in its own history.

It noted: “Nine of the 17 finishers were powered by 3.5 horsepower, two-cylinder V-engines that had been invented by Gottlieb Daimler and were manufactured in France according to his original plans.

“A 5 hp Benz vehicle was also among the finishers of the race.”

Daimler went on to build cars with the name and after the Daimler-Benz merger early in the 20th century, the -Benz brand established itself as a leading grand prix entity.

The move away from the traditional white colour was allegedly spawned when the W25’s white paint was scraped off to meet the weight limit before its first race in 1934.

According to : “Without the white paint, the metal bodywork of the car was exposed, giving it a silver look: the first Silver Arrow was born.”