In the past year and a half, middleweight Chris Harris has only managed to fight once. This following a career that had mostly seen him fight every few months. To say it’s been frustrating for Harris would be an understatement.

According to Harris, it’s not that he hasn’t wanted to fight or an injury has prevented him from doing so, it’s the fact that he can’t seem to find anyone willing to risk their standing to take a bout against him.

“What frustrates me the most is that guys at the same level as me, one big fight away from the next level, don’t want to fight because they don’t want to risk losing,” Harris told “They’re looking for easy fights to pad their record for the most time. Nobody wants to fight really that I need to fight to get me to the next level – that’s what’s frustrating the most.

“I’ve just been training and trying to find the right fight or the right opportunity to open more doors. Nothing in particular has kept from fighting but finding the right fight or right opportunity to advance my career.”

While Harris has been using his time off to improve his game, he doesn’t feel like he’ll see where he’s truly at with the 2019 of himself until after he has his first fight of the year.

“You see a little bit of it in practice, but what it comes down to is how well I perform,” said Harris. “Anybody can do however good in practice and then not perform on fight night. That’s what’s most important.

“What it comes down to really is how well I can put it together on fight night and not necessarily how good I’ve been doing in the gym.”

This Friday in Phoenix, Harris (11-3) will seek to pick up his first win of the year when he faces Daniel Madrid (16-6) in the 185-pound main event of LFA 72.

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“To win I have to out-wrestle him,” Harris said of Madrid. “That’s what it’s going to come down to I think. I’m pretty sure he’s going to try to shoot on me and take me down. If not, I’d gladly stand and trade shots with him. I’d do that with anybody.

“I’m expecting him to try to take me down, so when he does it’s going to come down to who can wrestler better, longer, and harder. He might be able to get me down, but you’ve got to keep me down, and if he doesn’t he’s going to try to take me down again and that gets exhausting really fast.”

For Harris, finally having an opportunity to find some consistency again with the LFA could very well be the key towards taking his career to the next level in the coming year.

“LFA is coming to my hometown of Wichita soon, so with a good win here over Daniel in the main event, hopefully I can be a main event in Wichita again, and with the LFA’s history of sending guys to the , two main event wins could get me a call somewhere,” said Harris.