By Allan Fox: Manny Pacquiao reportedly plans on fighting later this year against one of the following fighters: Floyd Mayweather Jr., ., , Danny Garcia, Mikey Garcia or .

What’s interesting is Mikey Garcia and Danny Garcia are now among the list, according to Pacquiao’s adviser Sean Gibbon. Those are two guys that few fans would expect to be on Manny’s fight list for his next contest, considering that both of them were recently beaten.

Pacquiao’s trainer Roach is interested in Mikey Garcia as next opponent

Trainer Freddie Roach mentioned liking the idea of Pacquiao facing Mikey Garcia for the Filipino star’s next fight. “Where’s Mikey Garcia,” said Roach. The question is whether the pubic would be excited about seeing Pacquiao and Mikey fight each other. Pacquiao attended Mikey’s last fight in March of this year, and it appeared that he was interested in fighting him if he had won.

Mikey (39-1, 30 KOs) lost his last fight to Spence by a one-sided 12 round unanimous last March. For his part, Garcia (35-2, 21 KOs) suffered a 12 round unanimous decision to Spence on March 16 on Fox Sports PPV.

It would be a huge mistake on Pacquiao’s team’s part if they select Mikey Garcia as his next opponent, and then ask the public to purchase the fight on Pay-Per-View. The fans aren’t going to want to pay to see Pacquiao fight an undersized welterweight, who was beaten soundly in his last fight against Spence. Pacquiao vs. Garcia would be a good exhibition match on the level of Mayweather against Tenshin Nasukawa, but it’s not one that will interest fans to want to open up their wallets and pay $70 to watch it on Fox Sports PPV.

Mikey Garcia needs to redeem himself to prove that he can compete at the top of the 147 pound division. We saw what happened to Mikey when he fought Spence, and it wasn’t even a fight. Mikey should take on Ugas or Lipinets at 147, and show that he can beat those guys.

Pacquiao should focus on fighting relevant fighters

If Pacquiao doesn’t feel up to fighting the winner of the Spence vs. Porter winner, then he needs to look to fight one of the highly ranked welterweights like Yordenis Ugas, Danny Garcia or Sergey Lipinets. What’s really sad is the World Association has Mikey unbelievably ranked #3 at 147, despite the fact that he lost his last fight to Spence at welterweight. That was Mikey’s first ever fight at 147, and he fought poorly.

“Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia,” Pacquiao’s adviser Sean Gibbons said to when asked what other names should be added to Fox Sports’s poll of fighters that Manny should consider for his next fight.

Pacquiao’s options for next fight:

– Floyd Mayweather Jr.
– Danny Garcia

– Mikey Garcia

Mayweather is the ideal opponent for Pacquiao

Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) and Pacquiao traded trash talk on social media on Tuesday night, and some fans feel this could lead to a fight between them. However, it’s still a long shot that the two fight each other. Mayweather, or whoever is in control of his social media account, didn’t sound at all interested in the Pacquiao fight.

Given that it’s unlikely that Mayweather personally wrote any of the posts on his Instagram, then there’s still a chance that he and Pacquiao could face each other in a rematch. The way the post was written, it seemed like a different person, and not Mayweather.