Dana White once said that the Jon Jones story would make a great 30 for 30 one day. Well, the story keeps adding chapters, and Dana White now appears so inured to the never-ending saga, that even the latest addition barely registers with him anymore.

Earlier this week, reports began circulating that Jones had once again found himself in legal trouble, being charged alleged battery stemming from an incident that occurred at a strip club in Albuquerque in April. The charge is a petty misdemeanor in New Mexico and a spokesperson for Jones categorically denied the claims being laid forth. The UFC light heavyweight champion is due in court in August but for Dana White, it’s just another day in the office for him and his dealings with MMA’s foremost problem child.

“I haven’t talked to him, but my guys have,” White told media members in a scrum on Wednesday (video courtesy of MMAJunkie). “Listen, there’s two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle I’m sure, so I don’t know. I’m numb to this sh*t now. It doesn’t faze me any more. Every time we do a fight with Jon, I’m wondering if it’s going to be his last.”

Jones’ outside the cage troubles are well known at this point, having been stripped of three separate titles from the UFC for his various issues. Jones was first stripped of his belt and suspended by the UFC for his connection in a hit-and-run accident for which Jones eventually pleaded out to leaving the scene of an accident. Aside from that, Jones was also stripped of his title on two other occasions for failed drug tests, and has had a number of other smaller controversies surround him. His troubles even led White to say he’d never entrust Jones to headline an event again. That plan never came to fruition and now it seems like White has just given up on fixing the man he once called “unfixable.”

“It has nothing to do with money,” White said when asked to clarify why he wonders when Jones’ career will end. “It’s what’s going to happen outside the octagon. I don’t ever worry about what’s gonna happen inside the octagon with Jon Jones. He’s the best. [But] if you look at the lifestyle he’s lived the last seven, eight years of his life, and what he comes in the octagon and does. He just fought Thiago – who’s a f*cking animal and wants everything Jon Jones has, stood in there and I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of more damage to one knee in my life, fought and was still kicking with the leg – and Jon Jones beat him. When you think about it, it’s unbelievable how good Jon Jones really is. But the minute he steps out of the octagon, you never know what’s going to happen.

“He’s in trouble. He’s in trouble right now. Every time he steps out of the octagon, what’s gonna happen? What’s gonna happen?”

It is truly impressive the list of controversies Jones has managed to accumulate in his career, and the juxtaposition of a man who is perfect in the cage but wildly imperfect outside of it. However, Jones maintains that this incident is not cause for concern, Tweeting in response to the charge that he was not in trouble.

Jones is targeting a November return to the octagon.

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TMT. Many of you have been asking me to post about it. I’m in Canada now for my fight this weekend and honestly because I live in Hawaii just making a post felt disrespectful to everyone on all sides actually working on this situation every day. It felt disrespectful to the kupunas who got arrested. It felt disrespectful to the officers just trying to do their jobs to feed their families. I know I owe everyone in Hawaii more than a post. I’m not a politician, legislator, not a research scientist, astronomer. Right now I’m just a dad and martial artist. But the one thing I can tell you about fighting for a living my whole damn life is don’t do it. Fighting ain’t it. It makes me very proud Pu’uhonua o Pu’u Huluhulu has committed to non-violence. But when I see a lot of us on all sides saying crazy things on social media, the name calling, vulgar language makes me sad. Nobody is trying to sell PPVs to Mauna Kea, so the trash talk won’t help any side. This situation is about everyone in Hawaii now. We all have a voice and the whole world is watching. But they aren’t going to watch forever and when the world moves on, and trust me they will, all of us are still neighbors. Our kids are still going to be going to school together, we’re gonna run into each other at Zippy’s, we’re gonna wait in line together for fresh poke at Fooodland. It is what it is. We can all do better and we need to for our kids. As a father I want to be able to share the news with Rush without being afraid of him seeing vulgar comments. I regret not taking the time to learn more about TMT in 2014 when arrests were made. Maybe legislation at that time could’ve helped prevent this from getting to this point. I don’t know. I’m sorry and as a Native Hawaiian I’m committing to doing better, to helping all of us more moving forward to find solutions. Over the last week my team and I have reached out to learn more, and we’ve talked to Kaho’okahi, friends and family on the Mauna, DNLR, and one of the directors of the observatories. I’ll always be here to fight for peaceful conversation any way I can.

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