While has a polarizing personality inside and outside the Octagon, count motivational speaker Tony Robbins as someone who falls squarely in the camp of appreciation.

McGregor may have had many run-ins outside the Octagon that have landed him in hot water, both with his bosses and with the law, Robbins, who recently had McGregor as a guest on his podcast, heaped nothing but praise upon the ’s former dual-division champion.

From a recent Robbins post on Instagram:

“The only thing that can take someone down or break you down is internal. Nothing external is strong enough.” —

What a gift it was to spend time with our new friend who recently flew all the way out to our home in Palm Beach to spend time with some of our top philanthropists! Thank you, Conor, for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule to share part of your story, help empower them as leaders and inspire them to contribute even more to society.

Most people know what an absolute beast you are in the ring, but don’t realize the energy, generosity, and true kindness you’ve shown outside the spotlight. This last year alone, Conor not only helped to raise over $800,000 for a children’s hospital in Dublin — he also visits with the children and their parents to help raise spirits. And that’s not all… Conor is also working to help boost resources for those fighting the homeless crisis in Ireland and provide care and support for those families and individuals in such great need.

Not since Muhammed Ali has there been anyone who seems to be able to electrify crowds all over the world with his sense of vision, passion and certainty. It was such a privilege to spend time and begin a friendship with you, Conor! I look forward to our next meeting!

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