The young Briton was knocked out in Q1 at Hockenheim on Saturday thanks to a problem with his battery pack that the team estimated cost him one tenth of a second. He had been due to start 16th.

But with the team concluding that the battery pack needed replacing, it has also elected to fit a new MGU-K and Control Electronics as well.

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The grid penalties will drop Norris to 19th place on the grid, with forced to start at the very back as he officially failed to qualify so has been given dispensation to start.

Under F1’s sporting regulations, Vettel will take up the last place on the grid after all other penalties have been applied.

Vettel has fitted new Control Electronics as well, which will formally give him a grid penalty but will make little difference to where he starts.

has also taken a new internal combustion engine, turbo charger and MGU-H but, as these are all within his season’s allocation, there will be no penalty.