Depositions for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and three referees from last season’s NFC Championship Game have been scheduled for September.

During a Monday status conference, Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge Nicole Sheppard scheduled the depositions and said they should take place in New Orleans.

The scheduling conference comes nearly two weeks after Sheppard ruled that the damage lawsuit against the NFL over the playoff non-call that helped the Los Angeles Rams beat the New Orleans Saints and advance to the Super Bowl could continue.

Sheppard also ruled at the time that attorney Antonio “Tony” LeMon could request documents and ask questions of NFL officials. LeMon said at the time that meant he would be able to question Goodell and the game officials in depositions.

LeMon said money isn’t the object of the February suit he and three others filed, which alleges fraud by NFL officials. It seeks only $75,000, which LeMon said would go to charity.

“The purpose of the lawsuit is not to get some minuscule amount of money. They won’t even notice that,” LeMon said. “It’s to get at the truth.”