METAIRIE, La. — New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton says Zion Williamson‘s athleticism and physical stature would make the New Orleans Pelicans rookie and top draft choice an intriguing prospect at a handful of positions, starting with the defensive line or tight end.

But on is making a case for quarterback as well, albeit in good fun.

The ’s Saints and ’s Pelicans are both owned by Gayle Benson, and their training headquarters are on the same campus. So the Saints have invited the 6-foot-7, 285-pound on to watch their training camp practices, and on Monday included him in a quarterback challenge starter Drew Brees regularly organizes with Saints reserve QBs.

The latest challenge involved throwing a football through a basketball hoop. on nearly did so from about 50 yards away.

In an interview on SiriusXM, Payton joked that the Saints thought about using a seventh-round draft choice on on “in case there was a problem across the parking lot.”

Payton said if he surveyed his staff on who would like a chance to develop on, “there’d be five position coaches with their hands up right now, starting with the defensive line coach, the tight end coach.”

“He’s a tremendous prospect,” Payton added. “I know they’re excited and thrilled to have him here and we’re excited for the Pelicans because, look, we are separated by a parking lot, and this winning culture is somewhat contagious.”