A lawsuit alleges the Dallas Cowboys interfered with a police investigation into a 2017 traffic accident that involved running back .

Ronnie Barnard Hill of Frisco, , filed suit last year seeking $1 million from Elliott. According to documents filed Tuesday, Hill has added the Cowboys to his amended suit and now is seeking at least $20 million.

The filing says employees of the Cowboys tried to iuence the Frisco Police Department’s investigation of the crash and cover up its severity so that Elliott did not miss a game.

“While Hill was trying to compose himself and access the situation Elliott who was late to practice had already notified Dallas Cowboy personnel who were on the scene and had already spoken with the police department before Hill even knew what was happening,” the lawsuit said.

“At the scene of the crash, Elliott admitted fault, and the Frisco Police also concluded that the crash was Elliott’s fault,” the amended suit said. “Elliott and running back’s coach Gary Brown who was on the scene told Hill not to worry about anything, go get checked out and ‘we will take care of everything.'”

The city of Frisco provided a written statement to the Dallas Morning News, saying the allegation of a cover-up “is false” and that both Elliott and Hill were offered and refused medical treatment.

A jury trial is set for February.

TMZ Sports first reported on the new details of the lawsuit.