By Kenneth Friedman: Eddie Hearn says he doesn’t know why the WBC chose to give heavyweight Dillian Whyte a suspension this week, because he was cleared by two agencies in the UK to fight Oscar Rivas. Hearn states that Whyte (26-1, 18 KOs) was cleared by the British Boxing Board of Control and the National Anti-Doping Panel at a hearing to go ahead with his July 20th fight against Oscar Rivas (26-1, 18 KOs) at the O2 Arena in London, England.

Hearn further says that if Whyte wanted to fight this Saturday, he could, because he’s NOT suspended by the BBBofC or the National Anti-Doping Panel. However, Whyte would still be suspended by the WBC. Since Whyte’s goal is to fight for the WBC title against heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, he would gain nothing in fighting this Saturday.

The World Boxing Council made a statement on Tuesday saying that the 31-year-old Whyte has been given a provisional suspension pending an investigation.  Whyte’s A-sample collected by the UKAD came up with “adverse finding,” according to the WBC’s news release, and they want to wait and see whether his B-sample will show the same results. While the WBC is waiting for the results, they’ve decided to suspend Whyte. It’s unclear how long it’ll take for the lab results from Whyte’s B-sample to be tested by UKAD.

Hearn: Whyte HASN’T been suspended by UKAD or BBBofC, so why did the WBC suspend him?

“The facts that we do know – he was cleared to box by the National Anti-Doping Panel and UK Anti-Doping, and the British Boxing Board of Control,” said Hearn to Sky Sports News. “He’s not suspended by them so why should the WBC suspend him? Whyte is in the process of clearing his name. He could fight on Saturday if he wanted to. He is not suspended. He is cleared to box.”

Hearn’s argument is centered around the fact that Whyte was cleared by the two agencies at a hearing that took place on the morning of his fight with Rivas. However, the WBC and Rivas reportedly didn’t learn about the hearing or the results of Whyte’s fight until well after. Hearn says that the evidence supplied at the hearing “was sufficient enough to prove he [Whyte] may be innocent.” The WBC has still chosen to suspend Whyte until their own investigation takes place.  When Whyte’s B-sample test results are revealed by the testing agency, then the WBC will likely proceed by either lifting his suspension or potentially adding to it.

Whyte was suspended by the WBC without getting all the facts says Hearn

“It took 600 days for him to become mandatory – it was a struggle. But they have moved very fast to suspend [his status as mandatory challenger] without getting all of the facts,” said Hearn.

The WBC’s decision to temporarily suspend Whyte’s status as the mandatory is based on the adverse test result. Whyte could be cleared, but the WBC is going to wait until the investigation is completed before they decide.