Leon Edwards is adamant that a title shot against champion Kamaru Usman or a grudge match with Jorge Masvidal are next on his agenda following his concise victory over former lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos, at San Antonio last weekend.

All things considered, “Rocky” knows that a meeting between Colby Covington and Robbie Lawler in early August could also have ramifications on the welterweight title picture. According to Edwards, Covington could be next in line for a title shot with a victory over Lawler, which could force Edwards’ desired contender clash with rival Jorge Masvidal.

“It’s definitely better for me if Colby wins because they’ll probably give the title shot to him. Masvidal will have nowhere to run then, he’ll have to fight me for the number one contender spot and we can go from there,” Edwards told MMA Fighting’s podcast.

“But I also want to fight Usman. I wouldn’t want that to happen, Colby beating Usman, because then that fight would be gone for me. I want to get all of those fights in; I don’t want any of them to get away from me. I want that weasel [Masvidal] and I want that rematch with Usman.”

“Rocky” is adamant that his focus is on the world title, but also knows that he could potentially be in a win-win situation. Now boasting the second longest streak in the division to Usman, he is confident that it can only be a title shot or Masvidal next for him.

“My focus is to be a world champion. My focus isn’t on Masvidal, it’s to be a world champion. If I could get a title shot before I fought Masvidal that would be perfect. I’ll beat Usman and then I’ll beat Masvidal. If they’re not giving me that and they want to give me Masvidal first instead, that’s another perfect situation,” Edwards explained.

“That would open me up to an even bigger ence, I’d get to school the weasel and then get my title shot against Usman. Either or, I do not give a sh*t. I’m ready to go, I’m one of the best fighters in the world and proved it time and time again.”


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