LATROBE, Pa. — James Conner didn’t know the young girl he spotted waving a Pittsburgh Steelers sign from an autograph line at training camp, but he was about to make her day anyway.

Conner recently selected a girl with a breathing tube to follow him past the roped-off area and to the Steelers’ locker room for an impromptu post-practice tour. A video of the girl with Conner — who said she went by the nickname ‘Kay Kay’ — went viral through Conner’s social media account along with the message, “Love the joy this game brings people. Priceless moment.”

Conner told he was signing autographs on a step outside the practice field when he saw her and couldn’t resist.

“Obviously just looking at her, she has been through some things and she was dealing with some things with the braces she had on,” said Conner, who doesn’t know her condition. “So she appreciated it more than most of some other fans out here who want autographs for the wrong reasons.”

Conner liked how the girl dropped down for a pushups session with him and eagerly gave high-fives to teammates.

“She thought she was the coolest person in the world,” Conner said with a smile. “It was cool to see.” Conner is a fan favorite coming off a Pro Bowl season less than three years from beating Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He understands the impact he can have with one simple gesture.

“I just take advantage of (my platform),” Conner said. “I know what it would mean if people saw this, so let me just try to help make somebody’s day. It only took about five minutes.”


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