By Charles Brun: Lennox Le states that former heavyweight champion needs to fix his mental problems that led to his defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr. last June if he wants to beat him in the rematch. Former //WBC heavyweight champion Le says that Ruiz Jr. (33-1, 22 KOs) will beat Joshua (22-1, 21 KOs) “hands down” in the rematch if AJ doesn’t get his mental problems sorted out.

Le noticed that the 29-year-old former //WBO champion Joshua didn’t look right to him as he entered the ring for his June 1 voluntary defense against fringe contender Ruiz Jr. at in . In Le’s mind, Joshua didn’t look like his normal self when he did his ring walk. Le says he’d like to see Joshua fight Ruiz Jr. in Mexico for the rematch, but that’s not likely to happen. Joshua is acting passive in leaving it up to his promoter and his training team for where the rematch will be staged. They’re targeting Cardiff, Wales.

Ruiz Jr. wins if they DON’T fix Joshua’s problems says Le

“If they don’t fix what’s wrong with , Andy Ruiz wins that fight hands down,” said Lennox Le to Fighthype. “It must be mental, because he didn’t look the same coming into the ring like he usually does. It was something definitely there. Hopefully, it’ll come out in the future. I think made it easy for Andy Ruiz, because he wasn’t fully there. So if he was fully there, it would have been a different fight. I don’t know if it would be a different outcome. We’d have to see,” said Le.

The only problems Joshua had against Ruiz Jr. had to do with his inability handle pressure, poor stamina and weak chin. Rather than it being a mental problem on Joshua’s part, it looked like a witches brew of inherent weaknesses that he’s always had in his game.

Le wants Joshua vs. Ruiz Jr. rematch in Mexico

“You know where I’d like to see that fight? In Mexico, baby,” said Le in talking about where he would like to see the Joshua vs. Ruiz rematch. “This is the first time in history we have a heavyweight champion from Mexico. I would have never thought that would be possible. To see Andy Ruiz do it in such fine fashion, why not? Give the fans in Mexico a chance to see the [Joshua-Ruiz Jr] fight, that they didn’t get a chance to see in to see it,” said Le.

“I believe the same thing you do. I don’t think he’s ready for him right now,” said Le about Adam Kownacki not being ready for . “He’s [Kownacki] a slugger. Obviously, he said he’d got a lot to work on. He wants to work on his . So let’s see. You can never count anybody out, because they counted Andy Ruiz out, and he surprised a lot of people, and made a lot of people take their words back. So anything is possible when it comes to heavyweights,” said Le.

There’s next to no chance of the Joshua-Ruiz Jr. rematch taking place in Mexico. That was one of the first places where Joshua’s promoter ruled out for the rematch.


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