SANTA CLARA, Calif. — San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa has a “significant” ankle sprain and will not play in the preseason, general manager said Thursday morning.

Lynch told KNBR Radio in San Francisco that Bosa, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2019 draft, does not have a “full-blown” high-ankle sprain, but there are “components” of that injury.

“It’s a significant ankle sprain, and there’s that dreaded high ankle sprain — he doesn’t have a full-blown one — but it has some components of that,” Lynch told KNBR. “As for timing, I think what we’re comfortable saying — and a lot is going to happen here with kind of the follow-up today, they’ve got the scans — it’s safe to say we won’t see him in the preseason and then we’re going to be very prudent.”

The GM added that the hope is for Bosa to be ready for the start of the regular season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sept. 8, though the Niners won’t push Bosa if he’s not ready.

“We want him right,” Lynch said. “We’re gonna do what’s in the best interest and trust the medical staff on that. And trust Nick. We’ll see where that goes.”

Lynch said the Niners “got a little sloppy” in Wednesday’s practice and that “a big human being” fell on Bosa’s leg on a running play off the right side. Bosa stayed down on the field after the play as members of the team’s medical staff rushed to his side and examined the lower part of his right leg and ankle.

After a few minutes, Bosa was able to stand and walk off the field with two trainers. He slowly headed into Levi’s Stadium, without assistance, for further examination.

Bosa has had a long injury history. He missed most of last season at Ohio State because of a core muscle injury suffered in the team’s third game. After being drafted in April, Bosa missed most of the 49ers’ offseason program with a hamstring issue. He also suffered a torn ACL as a senior in high school.

“We don’t feel he is injury prone,” Lynch said. “Yesterday, he had a big human being fall on his legs while he was engaged with someone else. So, some of those things, that’s football, you can’t prevent that. We’re thrilled with what we have in Nick Bosa. We’re gonna get him right and he’ll be a great player for a long time in this league.”

In his first training camp, Bosa had made it through nine practices without issue and has made a strong first impression on teammates and coaches. He has worked with the starting defense and the second unit and was with the starters Wednesday before he was injured.

“The great thing I can tell you about Nick Bosa is he’s been dominating practice out here on a daily basis,” Lynch said. “He’s a game-changing type player — everything we hoped and expected — and we have to get him right for this season.”

Lynch said he hopes defensive end Dee Ford, who has been out with knee tendinitis, can return to practice prior to the third preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Aug. 24.

“Dee is fine,” Lynch said. “He’s kind of done his week down, and now it’s back to ramping him back up. He should be ready, I believe, that Kansas City Week 3 of preseason. Whether we’ll put him out there or not, I’m not sure, but he’ll be back practicing then.”


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