Former Army offensive tackle Brett Toth is ready to play in the and is awaiting a decision from senior Army leadership that would allow him to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, per sources familiar with the situation.

President Donald Trump said in May that he would allow military academy athletes to get waivers to join pro sports teams upon graduation. Air Force draftee Austin Cutting became the first military graduate to sign with a team, the Minnesota Vikings, under the president’s change of policy.

Toth, a second lieutenant who graduated as a nuclear engineer in May of 2018 and fulfilled his first year of active military service, is waiting for Army leadership to allow him to sign his contract with the Eagles and try to win a spot on their roster.

Toth became the first player from West Point to play in the Senior Bowl and teams immediately took notice of his abilities. Toth has drawn interest from multiple teams in addition to the Eagles, who have one of the ’s top offensive line coaches, Jeff Stoutland.


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