A retired primary school teacher got to witness a former pupil’s England debut after he kept an old promise that he would give her tickets to the match.

Le Ludlam made the vow to Sandra Taylor when he was a promising player at Gorseland Primary School in Martlesham Heath, near Ipswich.

Mrs Taylor and her husband watched England play Wales at Twickenham as the flanker made his first appearance.

She said she was “privileged” to enjoy the “most amazing Sunday”.

“I don’t know how his parents cope with the burst of pride, I was full of pride,” Mrs Taylor added.

She said the Northampton Saints player, now 23, was a “promising star” and a “delightful pupil in the classroom”.

It was when he was leaving the school to move up to Kesgrave High School he said he would make sure she got tickets when he got called up for England.

Mrs Taylor said there had been a bit of detective work by Ludlam’s mother Dorinda to find her.

In a tweet, Ludlam said “can’t believe we actually managed to track her down”.

Mrs Taylor said: “He was magnificent and to meet him afterwards was the icing on the cake.

“He’s still the same charming, friendly, delightful boy that he was when I knew him when he was 11.”

However, the Scottish mother of two admitted national loyalties had to be put to one side as she cheered on her former pupil.

“I was very grateful that he was playing against Wales and not Scotland,” Mrs Taylor said.

“It was a very strange thing for me to cheer on an England team.”


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