GLENDALE, Ariz. — Even though the Arizona Cardinals are still working with the on how to fix the issues with rookie quarterback Kyler Murray‘s clap snap that led to two false start penalties Thursday night against the Oakland Raiders, coach Kliff Kingsbury feels like “we’re in a good place with it.”

Kingsbury said he talked with the head of officiating Al Riveron since Thursday night’s game.

“I think we’ve come to an understanding,” Kingsbury said. “And I feel good about it.”

The issue at hand is how Murray executes the clap equivalent of a hard count. He starts the clap process but doesn’t complete it, ending it abruptly. That abruptness without a count is what the Cardinals are trying to eliminate, Kingsbury said.

He’s discussed and demonstrated it with officials before both of the Cardinals’ preseason games this year in an effort to get all involved on the same page.

“I think we understand their point of view and they understand ours,” Kingsbury said. “So, I expect it to be solved.”

But, Kingsbury said, Murray needs to be consistent in how he executes the clap snap. If that happens, Kingsbury believes that “it’ll be called pretty much the same way across the board.”

Murray hasn’t changed how he clap snaps, Kingsbury said, sticking to what he’s done throughout his career.

“It’s new at this level, so we have to adjust,” Kingsbury said. “And we’ll do that.”


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