There will be no review of the law after ’ disallowed goal for against , say football’s rule-makers.

A video assistant referee (VAR) review ruled the ball had brushed Aymeric Laporte’s arm in the build-up to Jesus’ effort in the game.

The law, amended on 1 June, states any use of the hand which leads to a goal or a chance will be penalised.

Law-makers Ifab said one incident would not trigger a review.

Lukas Brud, a spokesperson for the International Football Association Board, added: “The laws are fairly clear. It’s more about acceptance and communication rather than saying, ‘Oh, now we have to react immediately and change something’.

“We constantly monitor what is happening in football every day. If we feel that something needs to be reviewed, then of course we put it on the agenda, we discuss it with the various bodies of the Ifab, including our panels who also bring comments forward sometimes.”

After Saturday’s match, which finished 2-2, boss said that he would “have to accept” the VAR decision.

He added: “It’s tough because we scored a goal late on. But ask VAR people, not me.”



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